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One-day Tour in Chuancai’s Museum

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The Schedule of the “Having Fun with Food

09:50  Reaching the Chuancai Museum. Welcome speech and brief introduction of the museum by the staff there.
(To guarantee the quality of better service, one guide can only take care of no more than 6 people.)

10:10  Visit the Exhibition Hall of items and books related to Sichuan Cuisine. Get to know the beginning, development, evolvement and the formation of Sichuan Cuisine.
(Bilingual communication through the whole process.)

10:40  Pluck vegetables and learn to stir broad-bean sauce at the raw material exhibition area.
(The Soul of Sichuan Cuisine - Pixian Chilly Bean Paste which can be traced back to over 300 years ago of Qing Dynasty.)

10:55  Experience the folk culture - The Kitchen God Ancestral Hall.
(Place to worship kitchen god.)

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11:10  Visit Old Sichuan Restaurants Alley
(An exhibition of all renowned Sichuan restaurants in the old days)

11:15  Participate in making the Tofu Pudding
(In the raw material processing tools display area, tourists can participate in the whole process of making bean curd puddings with grinding machine.)

11:30  The best part of the day - Cooking Sichuan dishes with Chief Master
(Free fresh fruit juice and meticulously blended cocktail offered.)

12:40  Lunch time. You’ll have what you cook and free drinks and dumplings offered by the museum.
(Your dishes will be tasted by the chief master and be rewarded with the experience certificate. We serve home-made alcohol with special pharmacological function brewed with traditional Chinese herbs)

13:40  Tea time (free activities). You can either enjoy the afternoon at the tea house or play Majiang for fun.

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Price: RMB 360/Person

What’s included: Snacks, Cooking course, Lunch, Drinks, English speaking guide service.

What’s excluded: Transportation.